Symbio Healtcare Limited

Disease Diagnosis

Infectious diseases are caused by micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Doctors suspect an infection based on the person’s symptoms, physical examination results, and risk factors. First, doctors confirm that the person has an infection rather than another type of illness. For example, a person with a cough and difficulty breathing may have pneumonia (a lung infection). However, the […]

Child Healthcare

Children represent the future, and ensuring their healthy growth and development ought to be a prime concern of all societies. Newborns are particularly vulnerable and children are vulnerable to malnutrition and infectious diseases, many of which can be effectively prevented or treated

Symbio Healthcare Limited Given Exclusivity Distributorship of Denk Products

Symbio Healthcare is a wholly owned Kenyan company incorporated in May 2011. At inception the role was to manage the marketing activities for Denk Pharma and grow the brand within the medical fraternity in Kenya. Denk Pharma is a German Company, incorporated in Munich in 1948. Other than in Germany, Denk Pharma distributes its products […]

Launching Our Website Soon

Healthcare in the world  is evolving rapidly and there is a need for healthcare professionals to work in different ways with different skills. We are excited to announce that we are currently in the process of launching a new website to help bring improvements to our customers. Our new website will be faster, easier to […]